Best Coffee places in Reykjavik

Ummmm Coffee.

I love coffee and I meet my friends for coffee at least 3-5 times early on weekdays mornings.  It is a great way to start the day in, in good company and over a great steaming cup of coffee.


We usually meet at Kaffi Tár, they have great coffee and free wifi. The one on Bankastræti, in the centre always has a reserved table for about 10 older guys that meet there every morning and have lively conversations about what is happening to our country.

I order a soya latte in a glass-  i don´know why but I find that it tastes much better in a glass, or maybe i just want to see my coffee??

But Kaffi Tár is not the only good coffee house in Reykjavik, here are some of my other favourite coffee places:


Kaffitár: has high quality coffee which is ethically sourced and roasted in Iceland. Good toast and bagels. Free WiFi. Location: Bankastræti


Mokka: one of the oldest coffee houses in Reykjavik, it opened in 1958 and introduced espresso to Reykjavik, there are usually interesting art work hanging on the walls as well. Location: Skólavörðustígur


Reykjavik Roasters: this is an interesting coffee place with excellent deluxe coffee, cozy atmosphere and decorated with old mis matched chairs and tables. The coffee is roasted on site and bought straight from Columbian and Nicaraguans farmers.  Location: Kárastígur 1


Cafe Haiti: by the old harbour is a favourite by many locals. Elda the owner is from Haiti and imports her own beans that are roasted fresh every morning. Free WiFi. Location: Old Harbour


Cafe Babalu: it is on two floors and with a big terrace/ balcony which is one of the best quality of Babalu where you can enjoy the sunny days in a good company, lots of boardgames to be played also. The place is cute and original. Free Wifi. Location: Skólavörðustígur


C is for Cookie– has fine coffee and a really good cheese cake and a really good carrot cake and a really good chocolate cake, Ok, all the cakes are really good there! Free WiFi. Location: Týsgata


Kaffihús Vesturbæjar ( West end coffee house ) – just across the street from the the swimming pool Vesturbæjarlaug.  They mostly use the coffee from Reykjavik Roasters, they have a good menu, great burgers, both vegetarian and not. Vinyl records playing and a very warm and comfortable atmosphere. Free WiFi. Location: Holtsgata


Tíu Dropar: (Ten Drops)  a lovely little coffee house on Laugavegur, it has great ambiance. Good coffee and cakes or wine and cheese 🙂 Located in the basement and there for often passed by a small hidden gem in plain view.
Location: Laugavegur


Coffee came first to Iceland around 1760 and was not so wide spread.
in 1760 we imported 20kg of coffee, in 1779 it was up to 1,600 kg, in 1994 we imported 1976 tons of coffee and in 2011 it was 2.213 tons.
I think it is safe to say that we drink and enjoy a lot of coffee.

Reykajvik coffee

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