Lets go buy a chicken!

My brother asked me if I wanted to buy half a chicken the other day, and I was like.. WHAT?  buy a chicken, are you going to have a chicken in your living room? The thing is he found this place where you can buy a chicken but the farmer keeps it and feeds it for you, and every month you collect 20 eggs. He did not want to buy a whole chicken because he though 20 eggs a month was to much for him alone. Well I immediately liked the idea, these are  Icelandic chickens and free range, I only eat free range eggs, because lets face it regular chicken farms are not very nice at all.  So I googled the hens and this is what I found:

The Icelandic Chickens are a breed of chicken, called íslenska hænan, Haughænsni or landnámshænan in the Icelandic language, they are a landrace fowl which are rare outside its native country. They are an old breed of chicken, having been present on the island since introduction by Norse settlers in the 9th century. However, despite this isolation, the breed has barely survived in a pure form in the 21st century, largely due to the importation of commercial strains of chickens in the 1950s. The few thousand Icelandic Chickens in existence today are the result of conservation efforts in the 1970s; a handful of flocks have been exported abroad.

Icelandic Chickens are not firmly standardized in appearance, and possess a wide range of plumage colours and patterns, skin colouration and comb types. Some have feather crests.
Despite this variance in appearance, Icelandic Chickens are uniformly hardy in winter, have white earlobes, and lay white to light brown coloured eggs. They are also said to be docile in temperament, and hens will readily go broody.

I decided to buy the chicken with my brother and we drove out there today, I took my daughter along and he took his to help us out with picking out the perfect chicken and to name it as well. You are also welcome to come and visit your hen when you like : )
What could be more fun.
Our hen got the name Hænulína and I look forward to get eggs from my half a hen: Hænulína.

icelandic free range hen