Tourists in our own city

The Reykjavík City Card is the easiest,
most inexpensive way to experience our city!

Reykjavík, the world’s northernmost capital, is a friendly city that offers a surprising amount of things to see and do. Whether you are seeking the bustling energy of a cosmopolitan city, the thundering thermal energy in the ground beneath your feet, or the serene energy of the surrounding landscape, Reykjavík promises a memorable visit for everyone!
Well this is what we had heard. We decide to take one day and be tourist in our own City.
The day began at 9:30 and we picked up our welcome card, the sun was shining and this promised to be a good day.
Our first choice was 821+1, but we found out that the museums don´t open until 10 o´clock. No sweat there is a good coffee shop across the street so this is where we went while waiting for the museum to open.
Reykjavik Welcome card
Selfie 871
The 871 plus/ minus 1 is a great place, very touchy feely as you can touch and press on many things : )  We liked it a lot.
From here we decide to walk to the national museum, on the way we passed our favourite cemeteryold church yard Reykjavikchurch yard Reykjavik
The National museum has an ongoing show called the beginning of a nation, now this is much more “museum like” many interesting pieces and if you want to touch and try out then there is the clothes room where you can put on costumes from old Icelandic times.
making of a nation Icelandskotthúfur 1skotthufur 4dress up national musem icelandNational museum iceland dress upold phone iceland
We also liked the made up living rooms with items from the 50´s and the 60´s
When we got out the sun was still shining so we decided to walk some more, even though buses are free with the welcome card.
Now we headed to the maritime museum its not very big, actually very small, nice shop by the entrance and here we stopped for lunch.  A good choice, there is this very nice patio where the sun shines and there is no wind.  The food was excellent.
Vikin museum outside reykjavik Thor coast guard ship iceland reykjavik harbour rope pull maritma museum Esja Mar sea musemu reykjavikplay reykjavik harbourplayground reykjavik harbourharobur playground reykjavik
It was hard to leave, but we had a plan. Next was the Icelandic art gallery, we looked at Erro´s show,  colourful cartoons.
looking at erro reykjavik
From there we walked up to Einar  Jónsson sulpture museum, unfortunately it was closed, but no worries the gardens there, specially in such good weather were enough for us.
Einar Jonsson sculpture museum einar jonsson musem reykjavik
After this we decided to call it a day and spent the rest of this beautiful day in the swimming pool at the Vesturbæjarlaug


Reykjavík City Cards Prices for 2014:
Adults                          Children 6-18
24 hours ISK2.900        ISK 1.000
48 hours ISK3.900        ISK 2.000
72 hours ISK4.900        ISK 3.000