Road Trip


We went on a road trip the other day.  We started at 6am and were set to go to Jökulsárlón – they wanted copies of the book Iceland Small World – and we decide it would be fun to deliver them ourself.  So an early start, 6 am, we stopped first at Hvergerði where Almars bakery is always open, we had a coffee to go and a Snúður/doughnut, umm they are great!

We had the road nearly to our self, the sun was shining and we took a few photos with my iPhone, you can see them at the top : )
We drove non stop and saw both sunrise and sunset!  A great day for a road trip.


Food and Fun in Reykjavik 2014

We at Rent in Reykjavik decide to try the Food and Fun festival in Reykjavik.  We randomly chose a restaurant and went to the Grillmarket.

We chose the menu with wine.

gmGrillmarket kitchen


We were greeted with a smile and our waiter for the evening, Gréta was very efficient.  First we had

a very delicious cocktail it had Reyka Vodka and grape, cinnamon and something more.


garlic soup with ash salt


Next came a platter of  home baked bread, warm and delicious served with Icelandic butter and ash salt, yes ash salt, we had never heard of it before but it tasted like salt and looked pretty on top of the butter : )

The Roasted Garlic soup was, well neither good nor bad, the egg was a nice touch.  With the soup we had a a semi seco cava. You can see the black salt just by the bread!








This was by far our favourite dish! The salmon was delicious, and the smoked beet was a nice touch with the salmon.  This was served with a crisp white wine.








Grilled scallops, these we usually like but they were to little cooked to our liking, they were served with a very  nice and buttery and creamy white wine.







Grilled fillet of lamb 

The lamb was delicious and melted in our mouth and the wine that was selected with it was extremely good it was full and spicy. It´s name is Gnarly Head.

Gnarly head






panna cotta


This was the most disappointment, we had so much been looking forward to a chocolate panna cotta, we love regular panna cotta and were eager to try a chocolaty one.  It was not panna cotta at all, it was SKYR. I mean skyr is fine, usually we have skyr for a quick lunch, but Skyr cakes are known and work fine.  Skyr panna cotta, not so nice, we found it sour and not to our liking. Unfortunately.

It was a great night, tried all kinds of new dishes and new wine.  We will definitely go again next year!!

Thank you for a great experience : )






The Grill Market:

Menu 2014- Collaborating chef 2014: William Morris – USA


Ristuð hvítlaukssúpa / Roasted Garlic Soup
Með soðnu eggi og grilluðum ostrusveppum
Soft poached egg and grilled oyster mushrooms

 Reykt rauðrófa og grafinn lax í salati / Smoked beet and cured salmon salad
Nípumauk og ristuð sesamfræ
 Parsnip puree and toasted sesame

Steiktur hörpudiskur / Roasted scallop
Ristaðar möndlur og brúnað smjör Toasted almond and browned butter

Grillaður lambahryggur / Grilled fillet of lamb
Eggaldinmauk og kjúklingabauna Panissa Eggplant puree and chickpea Panissa

Súkkulaði Panna Cotta / Chocolate panna cotta
Flaueliskaka og kryddaðar pekan hnetur Red velvet cake, spiced pecans