The Weather in Iceland

Weather in Iceland.


If you don´t like the weather in Iceland just wait a minute : )

This is a very common saying in Iceland and most often true. In one day you can experience sunshine, rain, snow, wind and drizzle. It is impossible to know how to dress as the weather constantly changes.

The weather has been Icelanders favourite  topic for a long time!

It can always be discussed and you can often hear people say that it will rain soon because their left elbow is hurting or that it will be colder because their joints are aching.

Here are some common believes regarding the weather:  If the “teeth” of a rake are facing up that means rain, if there are a lot of berries in the fall we will have heavy snow during the winter, a foggy window indicates good weather. If winter and summer freeze together i.e last day of winter freezes together with the first day of summer, we will definitely have a great summer.

It is fair to say the we love to speculate how the weather will be.  But what is it really like, the weather in Iceland?

Due to the warm gulf stream the climate in Iceland is much warmer than in other regions of the same degree of latitude. Winter in Iceland is rather mild and summertime more cool.

In the summer we have the long days when the sun never goes down, I really love the long summer days. July and August are the warmest months and the average temperature in Reykjavik this year was 12.2°C / 54°F and going highest up-to 20°C/68°F . Total hours of sunshine in Reykjavik last July were 184 and that is 12.6 hours above average, and in  Akureyri it was 197 hours and 38 hours above average.

I think the winter temperature is what most surprises people, with a name like Iceland people expect snow and frost. What defines our winter is not the cold but the long hours of darkness. This is a great time to light the fire in the living room, open a good bottle of wine and read a long good book : )

In real time the temperature last January was is 1.6°C/34.88°F and December 0.7°C/33,26°F. Total sunshine hours in December in Reykjavik were 31.8 that is 19 hours above average and the most sunshine hours in December that we have ever measured. Luck us!!


Abundant House

Ghost house

Ghost house



People often wonder if it is getting warmer in Iceland, and if it is the global warming or something else.  All I can say is that the temperature has been fluctuating since the settlement of Iceland and that 2011 was 2°C/35,6°F warmer then 1949.


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